Friday, March 17, 2017

Response to "The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas"

The society is somewhat of one would call a Utopia. No crime, no hate among each other, enough food for everyone who lives there. However, it isn't, because a Utopia means a perfect city where everyone is treated equally. Yet they have a young child in a basement, starving, weak, and possibly dying. All for what one ask? All so the people above, in the city can live a happy life and have everything they need, so the city of Omelas can run properly. They're using the kid as a scapegoat. The visitor describing the place says, "If the child were brought up into the sunlight out of that vile place, if it were cleaned and fed and comforted, that would be a good thing, indeed; but if it were done, in that day and hour all the prosperity and beauty and delight of Omelas would wither and be destroyed." The citizens of Omelas all know the poor kid is down in the cellar, some cry, some become enraged, and some don't even have a reaction. This is because they all know that without the kid, the great city of Omelas would be nothing. I see the kid as a symbol of the selfishness of man. The kid is kept in the basement, mistreated as if he/she were nothing but an animal, just to keep the city of Omelas running. Just like many big corporations force kids or young adults to work with no pay and nearly no food just to keep the company running and gain money. This is essentially how the world is run, on the suffering of others, young and old. Without their suffering, we wouldn't have the clothes we do, or the shoes we put on every morning, or even our food every night at the dinner table. Just like the city of Omelas know that the kid is suffering for them, we know there are people suffering for us. The people who walk away are people who can't take it anymore, who can't stand knowing that they are living the perfect life, while a poor kid is suffering. The people who walk away from Omelas, are in real life the ones.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Response to Graham Hill´s talk

In this short TED talk by Graham Hill on happiness, he states that less stuff equals more happiness. He begins by asking the audience to think about a time they were happy in a small space with very little things. He lists several things such as staying in a hotel room or motel room. He then begins explaining how audience about how much space Americans have now than we use to and suggests that less space and less stuff equals a smaller footprint to save money. He then talks about his own project called "Life Edited" where he went from a 600 square foot apartment to a 400 square foot apartment and how he saved money. Graham Hill got everything he wanted and needed by editing his life to less stuff and less space. He's happier with the small space he has rather than living in a big house. He finishes by saying the box isn't important and he doesn't even need it anymore. 

At first I wasn't sure what he was trying to say when saying that less is more and how one feels no different when in a big space or small one while having the same material possessions. The main point of his talk is to show people that there's no point in having a big house if one is just as happy if they were to live in a small one. Just like the example of staying in a hotel room. It reminds people of home because it has all the material possessions and such the only difference is it is smaller. There is no need for so much space or many material possessions because in the end you'll be equally happy. He began with saying he had everything he needed in the box and ended the same way, he even explained how he had nothing but a small bed built into the wall and 400 square feet. It isn't always about how much you have or what you have, but about living life simple and letting happiness come to you. 

Friday, February 3, 2017

"Synthetic or Real Happiness?"

Dan Gilbert's main argument is about why humans are truly happy. Gilbert states that the human brain has nearly tripled in mass because addition of or growth of the prefrontal cortex over the past hundred thousands of years. The prefrontal cortex or lobe helps humans experience simulations or imagination. Gilbert also claims that since our mine has grown we can now sense two forms of happiness which are synthetic and real happiness. Synthetic happiness is when you make the best out of something to make yourself happy. Unlike real happiness which naturally comes form things that you like or are interested in doing. You don't try to make your self happy it just comes to you naturally. People that usually are synthetically happy have either never been naturally happy or have had something happen to them that they try to change in their mind and make it seem happy. It is not always a good thing because there is certain limits to where you can change something to make it seem good, eventually leading people to be depressed and unhappy. There is times where synthetic happiness is good but overdoing it can lead to problems. Which is why people should do things they find interesting while forgetting about pursuing happiness and instead letting it come to them. I found Dan Gilbert's Ted talk interesting because this is the first time hearing about synthetic happiness and realized that I have done it before. I realized that I have synthetic happiness and real happiness. The good thing however is that I usually am happy because I do things I love, rather then being synthetically happy like most people are. Synthetic happiness just makes you happy for that exact moment unlike real happiness in which you remember it long after the moment has happened.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


The main things that make me happy are my family, friends and soccer. I always find joy when I am with my family because they make me laugh and always find a way to make me smile. Whenever I hang out with my friends it's like I'm with another family. They're always making jokes and talking about the good times we've had in the past. Soccer is what truly makes me happy. Every time I go shoot or actually play all my worries and stuff go away. I love soccer and play with everything I got. Sometimes we don't win but I am always happy to play and be part of a team. It feels great to play such an amazing sport. It truly makes me happy. I believe happiness is essential in anyone's life. It's a feeling that sometimes you can't explain but it makes you smile and feel great inside. People need happiness in their life, whether it comes from family or friends, being happy is key to being great in life. When choosing a career it is best to do what makes you happy. If you get a job you dislike then you won't do your job right. However, if you love your job the better you do it and the more you will enjoy it. There is certain factors that take away from that but overall everyone finds happiness in even the worst situations. Everyone has had some feeling of happiness. Happiness is one of many things that is needed in life to live the life they always wanted. No matter what social class, race, or religion anyone can be happy. As long as someone does the things they love, happiness will be there along the way. Just how playing soccer is something I love, and it makes me happy.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Grit is important because it can help people get far in life. Grit is the the amount of passion and perseverance a person has. Grit is the power that someone has in them to continue to do something that they love doing. One person that demonstrates this is my dad. He loves doing construction and never gives up and always finishes the job. He always gets the job done and sometimes even does 3-4 people jobs all by himself. One great athlete who has shown grit is Cristiano Ronaldo. He was diagnosed with a racing heart condition. Everyone was certain he would never be able to play football (soccer) again. Even with this obstacle in his way he believed and knew he could one day play professionally. His passion for the game and the power to perservere through everything he was put through shows the amount of Grit he has. Lionel Messi is also a footballer who had a growth hormone deficiency but instead of closing himself in because of that he set high goals for himself. Eventually he got to his goals later on in his life. This show growth mindset because both Messi and Ronaldo set high goals for themselves knowing there was going to be challenges ahead of them. They perservered through them and which is why growth mindset is important when it comes to grit.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

My life as a reader

Reading isn't really my thing, it's good to do when there is nothing else to do but I don't enjoy it much. The only books that catch my interest a lot are sci-fi, suspense and mystery books. I began reading at the age of 4 and have been reading at a college grade level since 7th grade. When I was in 5th and 6th grade my favorite book series was the Hardy Boys. It was about two brothers who solved cases in their community and areas around it. The suspense in it was great but unfortunately i didn't get to finish reading all the books. One favorite book of mine is To Kill a Mocking bird. The plot of it is great. Another book that I liked was Of Mice and Men, and the story is at times happy but then just downright sad. The book I am currently reading is Frankenstein and so far it is very interesting. The story starts of with letters being sent by the one of the characters to his sister. Overall it great so far and I recommend it. Another book I highly recommend is Shutter Island. It is very suspenseful and has a major plot twist that will leave you mind blown. Reading is something that helps me waste time but it isn't something I love doing. I do recommend however reading as it is good for the brain and learning new words.

Stepping out of my comfort zone

Stepping out of my comfort zone is something I do not normally do unless it is something that somewhat interests me. One time I stepped out of my comfort zone was when I got a pet snake. Now I know that sounds crazy but I've always wanted to have one even though I was slightly afraid of snakes. By getting one I stepped out of my comfort zone and eventually was not afraid anymore. What was interesting about snakes for me was how powerful and smart they were. I was at the time afraid however. A few months pass and my uncle gets a pet snake which is where I get my first experience with holding and feeling a snake. It felt pretty good stepping out of my comfort zone. A few more months passed and I got my first pet snake. It was a small Southern Rubber Boa. The people who owned it before me did not treat it well and it had become wild. This was a problem for me since I didn't know how to properly hold them if they got violent. Although over a course of time I tamed it by holding it as much as possible. This was the second time in only a few months were I stepped out of my comfort zone because I usually don't like doing things without the help of someone who actually knows what they're doing. However I stepped out of my comfort zone once more. I had to feed my snake small mice and this is the first time I would ever see it. I wasn't very fond of seeing an animal being eaten right in front of me but I saw it and it fascinated me. Over the course of 6 months I stepped out of my comfort zone three times and I enjoyed it. Stepping out of your comfort zone isn't always a bad thing, and can sometimes even make you feel better about yourself.